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There are so many great people out there who are looking to provide their knowledge and experience to businesses and organisations in short-term engagements. At the same time, there are so many organisations that are looking for a hand with a specific task or project who don't have the capacity, budget or need to engage a consulting firm. So, this brings us to an important question - how do we bring these two groups together?

Welcome to unconsult.

unconsult provides a platform that allows businesses and other organisations to find and interact with really experienced business people who have retired, are semi-retired, cutting back on their on-going workload or are simply looking for short-term opportunities.

Maybe you need a strategy developed. Maybe you are looking for some advice in an area where you just don't have the knowledge and real-life experience within your organisation. For some, unconsult might be a place where they can find a mentor for the business or for an individual.

There are so many reasons why your organisation might benefit from the advice or assistance that an unconsultant can provide.

everything that consulting isn't ...

everything that consulting isn't ...

In our experience, most consulting firms work in much the same way as each other - from the multi-national enterprises through to the one-person small businesses. They are looking for long-term opportunities that allow them to sign clients up to deliver big projects.

Many of these businesses (small and large) have structured methodologies that underpin their work, typically adding to the cost and to the complexity of the project they are brought in to consult on. Many of the bigger consulting firms employ graduates, providing the first step in their careers. This means that, while they are certainly supervised by more senior colleagues (meaning you are paying for both people), it is quite common for your project to be the place where those graduates learn about business and your business sector.

And then there's the tenure and the cost.

Very few, if any, consulting firms are going to be interested in a one to five day engagement and yet, very often, that's all you need. If you are turning to a recruitment firm to provide a resource for your organisation, they are going to expect a minimum of a one-month assignment.

With either of these options, you are going to need a sizeable budget, that covers expensive resources for weeks or months when, often, all you need is a few days with someone who knows what they are talking about.

These are some of the reasons that we claim that unconsult is everything that consulting isn't.

For starters, each of our unconsultants is a highly experienced business person in the latter stages of their professional career. Some have already retired from a full-time career and are only wanting to work part-time or in short engagements. They don't bring methodologies to implement in your business - they bring loads of real world experience in running and working within a wide range of businesses and other organisations.

And while our unconsultants will charge a fee commensurate with their experience and expertise, their stay will only be as long as you need them for. 

how it works

how it works

One of the other hallmarks of unconsult is our simplicity - why make this harder than it needs to be?

If you are looking at engaging an unconsultant, please visit our select your unconsultant page. On that page, you will see a collection of unconsultants, each of whom has at least 25 years of experience in various organisations, from major international corporations through to operating their own small business. You can read about each one by clicking on their card. If you like what you see, you can send through a no-obligation enquiry to unconsult. We'll connect you with your potential unconsultant and then leave you both to it.

It will be our unconsultant who builds the relationship with you - we are only acting as an introduction service. This, of course, minimises the cost of providing our service and, therefore, the amount you will be charged by your unconsultant.

If that sounds pretty easy and straightforward, that's good! As we said earlier, we love simplicity!

Visit our select your unconsultant page for more information.

becoming an unconsultant

becoming an unconsultant

Would you like to become an unconsultant? Are you ready to bring your knowledge and experience to our network? If the answer is "yes", we'd love to hear from you.

We have a series of criteria you'll need to meet before we can recommend you to our clients. Visit our become an unconsultant page for more information.