Become an unconsultant

become an unconsultant

We are always going to be on the lookout for additional unconsultants but to ensure we maintain a high quality group of highly experienced and knowledgeable people, there are some key requirements.

  • You have at least 25 years of work experience.
  • You are not working full-time - we need you to be available for short-term assignments.
  • You understand and acknowledge that unconsult assignments are a MAXIMUM of five days duration. What you do after the initial assignment is between you and your new client.
  • You have been recommended by another unconsultant - they will need to provide a positive reference for you before we will consider you as an unconsultant.

If you can meet each one of these requirements as a minimum, please read on - there is more information below. 

If, having read the following information, you are keen to apply to become an unconsultant, we'd be very happy to hear from you.

more about being an unconsultant

more about becoming an unconsultant

We're going to reinforce what we have said on just about every page of this web site. unconsult has been established for retired, semi-retired, part-time or self-employed people, with plenty of knowledge and experience, who want to undertake short assignments that allow them to pass on their wisdom to their clients. We are not a recruitment agency. We are not a consulting firm. We are not going to operate a job board. We are not going to be employing people on contract to go on site on our behalf.

We are fundamentally an introduction service where will connect people with loads of experience and knowledge with organisations who can benefit from that knowledge and experience.

The way it works is like this:

  • A business or other organisation visits the unconsult web site and identifies a person who they believe can provide value in delivering a particular task or short-term activity.

  • They send an email via the unconsult web site with their contact details and an overview of what they are looking for. That email is sent to us at unconsult and directly to the chosen unconsultant as well.

  • The unconsultant is expected to respond to that enquiry within three business days. We understand that many of our unconsultants will have a variety of other activities going on and may not be accessing their email every day.

  • From that point onwards, the relationship sits between the business or organisation and the unconsultant. We will not provide any relationship management or have any other involvement. This new client is yours from that point on.

  • If the enquiry results in an assignment with that client, we will charge the unconsultant a one-off introductory fee. Future assignments with that same client can proceed without any further payment to unconsult. Details of the fees are provided in the statements of expectation & fees document.

Taking into consideration all of the information presented here on the web site and in the statements of expectation & fees document, if you would like to apply to become an unconsultant, please fill in the following form and submit it. We will make contact with you within three business days to let you know what else we need from you to create your profile and to become an unconsultant.

If you have any questions before proceeding, please feel free to contact us via the unconsult contact page.

faqs about becoming an unconsultant

faqs about becoming an unconsultant

Here are some questions that we have been asked a few times - if you have a different question to ask, please reach out to us via the the unconsult contact page .

apply to become an unconsultant

apply to become an unconsultant

Please fill in the following form if you would like to apply to become an unconsultant. We will consider your application carefully and let you know as soon as we can.

Please note that not all applications will be successful.

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